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What did an internet user discover when he opened a can of pasta from 1992?

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Jiya Saini
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The main advantage of preserving is that they last a long time. Because of this quality this type of food can obtain special importance during an armed conflict or pandemic. After opening a 1992 can, a New York man found that not all canned cans are able to maintain their good quality forever.

On his Twitter account, called Dinosaur Dracula, Matt pays homage to nostalgic items such as 1980s toys and 1990s sweets. Recently, the internet user decided to open a can of pasta from the brand The Real Ghostbusters, which was produced by the company Heinz 28 years ago.

The packaging of the food was adorned with the classic logo of the famous film. As time passed, its contents managed to penetrate somehow through the walls of the can and ended up soiling the label with sticky black spots.

Opening the can with the source that caused these splashes seemed like a risky task, so Matt decided to put on gloves, as he explained himself on his Twitter account.

Having removed the lid, Matt observed an unpleasant mass that sucked disgustingly. It looked like a portal to a “horrible parallel dimension.” After 28 years, the pasta had solidified into a “giant reddish bundle” that gave off a “dangerous” aroma, similar to that of the “dirtiest fish tank” in history mixed with that of “a whole jar of oregano”.

While the internet user admitted that the pasta didn’t look so bad when he pulled it out of the can, he soon noticed that it was covered in “small black dots,” as if it had been infected with psoriagrís, the mysterious illness suffered by Shireen Baratheon, Stanis Baratheon’s daughter in the hit series Game of Thrones.

The Ghostbusters theme continued inside the can, as the pasta was shaped like the items from the brand, although it has been difficult for Matt to accurately name which of them was supposed to have each piece of food.

“I hope you enjoyed this exploration. Happy Halloween, and please be safer than I was today,” the man wrote in his last tweet.

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