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What Queen Elizabeth II does more skillfully than Camilla

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Jiya Saini
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Interacting with the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton is an easier task for British Queen Elizabeth II than for Camilla Parker Bowles, says a body language expert.

Judi James, a specialist in non-verbal communication, compared the body language adopted by the monarch and by the second wife of Prince Charles in the presence of some of the younger members of the royal family. According to the professional, Isabel II finds it much easier to “get involved” with children.

“The Queen clearly found it much easier to get involved with her small great-grand-children, even bending low to communicate with a very chatty-looking Prince George. Bending like this and using eye-contact suggests a more openly doting relationship and a desire to engage and register attentive listening”

James pointed out to The Express, analyzing images of the queen with the great-grandchildren.

The queen’s body language with young children contrasts with that of Camilla Parker Bowles. According to James, the second’s interaction with William’s children is more cautious.

The expert highlighted that the role of the adoptive grandmother can be complicated and she does not believe that Prince Charles helps Camilla of Cornwall to relate to her grandchildren, as the heir to the British throne is not known for “his skills when it comes to of emotional challenges within the royal family.”

“The result seems to be a rather cautious manifestation that emerges as a distant interest in the children for the body language in these photos,” James said.

Elizabeth II has a total of eight grandchildren, who, so far, have given her nine great-grandchildren who will soon be 11. George, Charlotte, and Louis, the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton, are seen more often in public with the monarch, as they are the tallest great-grandchildren in the line of succession.

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