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WhatsApp introduces a new function: messages that self-destruct

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Jiya Saini
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What is said by WhatsApp that gives there forever. It can even be used against you in court. However, the most popular instant messaging application wants to reverse this reality.

WhatsaApp is testing a new function: that of self-destructing messages. A functionality that is expected to be incorporated shortly to all terminals that have this application but, for the moment, has only reached a part of the users.

If you have version 2.19.275 of the application you may already be able to enjoy this feature. If not, do not worry because you can do it shortly.

It is something normal considering that it is a new development function that will be tested in increasingly large groups until it is implemented among all WhatsApp users in the world.

How to make Whatsapp to delete messages itself?

At the moment, according to the website specialized in information about WhatsAppWaBetaInfo, it is a functionality that we must select within a group of chats in the settings menu.

Within the settings menu we will find options to edit the group information, choose who can send us messages and choose if we want the messages to disappear.

If we click on the option that the messages disappear, we can select several options. At the moment, the five-second option and the one-hour option are available.

When this option is selected, the messages will automatically self-destruct in the indicated time without leaving a trace.

This option is currently in what in jargon is known as an Alpha phase. That is, an early development stage that is tested with a small group of users while it is still in development. A common practice in WhatsApp and other apps or programs that allows you to debug the operation of modifications or changes in a controlled way to avoid large-scale failures.

Although at the moment only screenshots have been leaked on this new functionality, from the specialized portal they explain that it is possibly a functionality that will also be incorporated in traditional chats in which only two people participate.

How to delete whatsapp message manually or by hand?

Until the function of messages that self-destruct in WhatsApp is available to everyone, it is possible to manually delete our messages in WhatsApp groups and chats. To do this, we just need to follow these simple instructions.

The first thing we should do is select a message, audio or image that we ourselves have sent. To do this, we must make a long press on it.

Next, the top bar menu will show different options. In one of them, we will see a bin.

Clicking on that bin will open a new menu that will give us the options to delete the message. Good for everyone or just for us. At this point, we only have to choose the desired option and we will have managed to delete the message we have sent by WhatsApp.

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