Young man buys an iPhone from an online store, but he receives guava juice

Young man buys an iPhone from an online store, but he receives guava juice
Image: Twitter

A user on the social network Twitter reported that, after having paid to receive an iPhone SE to the online store of the Sears chain in Mexico, he received guava juice.

In the message, published on the @chapatoi account, the user accused that he had complained to the online store, but they replied that he should send an email to initiate an investigation into his case.

“Friends, be very careful with online purchases. This just happened to us. We bought an iPhone SE in @searsmexico today the package arrived and this is what came inside (no joke!) The only answer they give is that you send a mail so that they do the investigation”, young guy lamented on twitter.

Hours later, Sears’ official Twitter account responded by asking the user to send them a direct message over the social network to track their case. Other users responded to the report by sharing their negative experiences when shopping on the same page.

A day later, @chapatoi reported that he was contacted by Sears to resolve his complaint.

“They told me they could send it to me or I could pick it up at the branch. I went and they already had it ready for delivery. Thank you all for helping me resolve this situation,” he mentioned.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has intensified to prevent contagion. However, allegations of bad e-commerce practices have also increased.

In July, the Tec-Check platform filed a collective complaint on behalf of 455 consumers amounting to 3.9 million pesos ($182,000) against the Claro Shop, iShop, Liverpool, Palacio and Sears online stores. In it, they request an immediate solution to the purchase, in addition to a 20% bonus on the cost of the purchased product, as indicated by the Federal Consumer Protection Act.