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A bridge collapses under the feet of a reporter in North Carolina

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Kamal Saini
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Fox 46 reporter Amber Roberts was reporting on a flood in North Carolina when a part of the bridge that the woman had stepped on just a few seconds earlier collapsed.

The shocking video, shared on social media, shows the sudden collapse of the Hiddenite Bridge. Roberts and her cameraman Jon Monte had stepped on this part of the bridge just a few seconds earlier to show the impact of heavy flooding following Tropical Storm Eta.

“This road, this bridge, is literally sinking,” Roberts said and approached the warped segment of the bridge. 

Seconds later, the bridge collapsed.

“This is incredibly scary,” she cried as part of the bridge cracked. The camera moved backwards and Roberts kept talking.

“Well, we’re backing up, we’re backing up. Right here, live on TV, we saw the road collapse, the same road that we were standing on a few seconds ago, so thank God we’re backing up.”

Both journalists, as well as another person walking the same bridge, managed to miraculously avoid falling into the water, but they took a good scare. The reporter stressed that the incident showed poor road conditions in the region.

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