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A cloud of smoke rose a kilometer: most active volcano in Europe woke up in Italy

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One of the most active volcanoes in Europe decided to remind about itself again. 

According to the Italian ANSA, on the night of May 21, Mount Etna threw out a column of ash about a kilometer high into the air and spewed out streams of lava. 

Ashes covered the nearby towns and villages on the southern slopes, particles also reached the city of Catania, but this time they decided not to close the airport. 

A southeastern breeze helped take the high and dense column of lavic ash across the city. Lapilli also fell onto a number of smaller towns and villages on Etna’s southern slopes including Nicolosi, Trecastagni, Pedara, Aci Sant’Antonio and San Gregorio, where the blasts rattled windows and doors.

The volcano also emitted a fresh lava flow. Volcanology institute INGV said it was the latest “paroxysm” in Etna’s new phase of volcanic activity, which began in mid-February.

The INGV also said it had found the “beating heart” of the volcano which is fuelling the activity.

Some have seen the latest eruption as Etna’s bidding farewell to locally born singer-songwriter Franco Battiati, who died earlier this week.

As you know, Etna is quite often active. So in December 2020, the volcano threw out lava fountains about a hundred meters high.

After that, it “fell silent” until February 1, when it again reminded of its existence with a large-scale release of lava and ash. 

The last time Etna showed itself on February 16, then the ash was thrown to a height of more than a kilometer, because of which it was necessary to temporarily close air traffic

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