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A huge crocodile steals a shark from fishermen

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The fishermen tried to pull out the caught blacktip shark, but a crocodile with a length of two and a half meters grabbed it.

In Australia, near the city of Wyndham, a giant crocodile stole a shark caught by fishermen.

It is reported that Geoff Trutwein, along with his neighbor Nat Barnes, went on a boat fishing 80 kilometers from Wyndham.

When the fishermen tried to pull out the blacktip shark caught on the hook, a crocodile with a length of two and a half meters grabbed it.

The fisherman realized that he could not defeat the crocodile and cut the rope. The crocodile with the prey swam to the shore and ate it.

Geoff, from Kununurra, WA, explained: ‘We had been out fishing for a few hours and Nat caught a juvenile blacktip shark and while he was reeling it in this saltwater croc decided he wanted that meal.

Geoff advised that ‘If you’re a regular visitor to the same spot, they’ll watch you closely and get closer and closer to you. One day they’ll be just under the water next to you and you’ll have no idea until they’re biting your leg.’

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