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A huge ‘shark’ soared across the road during tropical storm Nicholas

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Tropical storms sometimes can fool us by moving between two centres (the Fujiwhara Effect) or by making us think a shark is crossing a road.

Nicholas, a Category 1 hurricane with 78 mph winds, hit the Texas Gulf Coast late Monday into Tuesday. Social media photos revealed sideways rain, howling winds, a frightening storm surge, and even a shark that miraculously flew into a Port O’Connor road.

Yes, a shark: 

“This is how powerful the winds are in Port O’ Connor tonight. Yup, it got this massive shark. Troy Beaudry of Port O’Connor says he works at one of the local bars there and volunteers for the fire department. He went to check on the shark and ya … well…,” says the twitter post.

Some, including Space City Weather’s Eric Berger, were almost taken in by the video.

As many people suspected, this shark is not genuine. Bruce is a 15-foot fibreglass model given to Stacy and Malcolm Hein of Sharkie’s Bar and Grill on Jefferson Avenue in Port O’Connor. But there was a real Bruce the shark, who was caught by a customer in 1979, more than 40 years ago.

Stacy stated that Bruce had been “beat up pretty bad” but they have located him and are working to bring him home. Malcolm stated that after hearing about Bruce’s violent ride during Nicholas, another long-time customer with a fibreglass firm offered to pay his doctor’s cost and do any necessary repairs to the replica.

“He has a special place in our hearts, he is not just a piece of fiberglass,” Malcolm said.

“Even though he did get tore up and everything, it was still funny.” 

The couple claimed they took in four to six inches of water inside their pub, as well as damage to their fence and a few toppled trees, but they are grateful for their strong customer base, which they say will help them rebuild.

“We just move forward again,” Malcolm said.

“We had a lot of damage last time from Harvey; we owned another restaurant and got a lot of damage with it, [but] our customers all came in to help and we were back open within two days. That what’s happening right now too.” 

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