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At least not a cat: the congressman got into a Viral Moment due to Zoom filters

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Tom Emmer appeared in an online meeting “upside-down” and compared him to a Texas lawyer who appeared in an online court as a cat.

The member of the US House of Representatives, Tom Emmer got into a curious situation because of the included filter during an official online meeting: the politician appeared before his colleagues “upside-down”.

It is noted that the incident occurred during an online meeting of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee over Zoom. During the speech, Emmer was interrupted by colleague Maxine Waters, asking if he was okay.

“I don’t know how to fix this,” the congressman replied.

While Waters was figuring out if Emmer could flip his image back, other colleagues compared him to a “lawyer cat” from Texas.

“At least you’re not a cat,” a colleague told Emmer. Another member of the House of Representatives advised the congressman to “stand on his head.”

After a while, the politician managed to return to normal image on the screen. 

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