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Backpacker freaked out after seeing a Giant Lizard chilling in her bed

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An amusing video shows the huge creature exploring the caravan, sniffing tourist’s handbag, and roaming across the multi-coloured crochet blanket on the bed.

This is the moment a tourist returned to her caravan and found a 6.5FT Giant Lizard – chilling in her bed.

Amanda Cooper, 59, was staying at a national park and returned to her caravan and spotted the massive reptile inside.

An amusing video shows the huge creature exploring the caravan, sniffing Amanda’s handbag and roaming across the multi-coloured crochet blanket on the bed.

Poking his head out of the window, the goanna seemed satisfied with his inspection, before skulking out of the door, down the steps and under the caravan.

Amanda and her partner Anthony McNeil, 55, had been sitting by a nearby campfire when a massive goanna entered their caravan and made himself at home.

They were staying at the Murramarang National Park in New South Wales, Australia, on March 28.

Nurse Amanda, from Kingscliff, New South Wales, said: “There were lots of goanna relocated to the national park we were staying at by wildlife rangers after the bushfires last year.

“This one was wandering around our campsite and then decided to check out the inside of our caravan!

“We were sitting by the campfire and saw him nosing around. My partner Anthony saw him looking at the open door and said ‘don’t go in there!’

“This was obviously ignored by the goanna and we watched incredulously as he clambered right on in. He may have been looking for eggs – Easter eggs, perhaps!

“We usually have our Jack Russell Terrier, Bing, camping with us but left him behind this time as we were going to national parks. We’re lucky he wasn’t there as it may have been Godzilla vs Bing Bong!

“We were astounded and were very happy he chose to depart without needing too much persuasion. Anthony was very happy that he at least wiped his feet on the way in!

“We were careful to always shut the door after that!”

The goanna is a monitor lizard typically found in Australia.

Being predatory lizards, goannas are often quite large, or at least bulky, with sharp teeth and claws.

The largest of the goanna family is the perentie which can grow over eight feet in length.

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