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A fierce fight of a cobra with a mongoose in the middle of a road in India

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A cobra and a mongoose have gotten into a fierce fight in the middle of a road in India, stopping traffic and forcing travellers to wait until the fight is over.

The Indian Forest Services officer, Abdul Qayum, shared this video on his Twitter account, stressing that he was “happy” that no one was jumping in to save either species.

This is absolutely natural. I am happy that no crusader jumped in to save either species. It’s the survival of fittest which prevails in nature,” he commented.

In the recording, you can see how the snake tries to escape from the aggressive mongoose, but all his efforts come to nothing. The mammal manages to catch the reptile with its teeth even as it tries to escape through a sewer.

The mongoose is known for its ability to hunt and kill poisonous snakes, especially cobras. Their special acetylcholine receptors make them immune to its venom, while their thick coats and speed also give them another advantage in these types of conflicts.

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