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Flame-throwing Drones: The Chinese Method to Eradicate Wasp Nests

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The Chinese town of Zhong, in Chongqing Township, has suffered from what could practically be seen as a plague of wasps. The insects have built more than a hundred nests and regularly attack local residents.

Until now the problem was, these nests were very high in the tall trees.

However, with a little ingenuity and the funds, the residents of the town raised, aided by a group of volunteers called Blue Sky Rescue, managed to get a definitive weapon against wasps, local media report. 

Thus, at an approximate cost of about $ 13,000, they bought a drone and equipped it with a flame-throwing system.

In a video, which was published on social networks, you can see the effectiveness of this new weapon, which so far has already eliminated 11 nests, leaving about 100 more to burn.

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