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How to beat the heat: workers steal a life hack from “The Simpsons”

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Keeping cool when temperatures hit record highs is more than simply a matter of comfort. Heat-related diseases ranging from heat cramps to heat exhaustion and heat stroke may occur at dangerously high temperatures.

As the temperature rising, workers of the Ostafyevo residential complex in Moscow have come up with an interesting way to escape from it right on the street.

Sultry weather forces people to go to extremes. Sun-weary workers from Moscow decided to freshen up and filled the back of a truck with water. The entertaining pool was captured on camera by eyewitnesses and posted on the network. The video shows how men jump into the pool with a running start and splash, hiding from the heat.

The similarities with the animated series were noticed in the comments by the fans of “The Simpsons”. The fact is that in one of the episodes, you can see exactly the same truck with the inscription “Springfield pool-mobile”.

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