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A Korean YouTuber sets himself on fire live in response to a challenge from his followers

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The young man ended up with second-degree burns around his private parts

South Korean Youtuber ended up with second-degree burns on his genitals after accepting the dangerous challenge that his followers gave him. Young Shin Tae Il, better known as “angry Korean gamer”, has become popular for his directorial broadcasts while playing different video games.

Last Thursday, after a game of more than three hours in the game “Fall Guys“, Shin Tae Il accepted the penalty imposed by his followers for losing the game. The “punishment” consisted of setting fire around his genitals for five seconds, as reported by Korean pop blog Allkpop.


The gamer managed to surprise his followers by accepting a challenge that was undoubtedly dangerous, and that meant ending up with second-degree burns around his private parts.

After playing for more than three hours live, viewers saw the player stripping down to nothing but white shorts. Before the camera, the YouTuber poured flammable liquid on his genitals for a lighter in all his private parts.

After playing for more than three hours live, viewers watched the player undress until he was left with white shorts. In front of the camera, the YouTuber poured flammable liquid over his genitals to light his private parts.

In a first attempt, the player set fire to the liquid with a lighter, and when igniting the flame he screams and jumps in pain. As the fire went out after about three seconds, a little less than the penalty imposed by the fans, the YouTuber decided to repeat the challenge to fulfil it correctly. Then we see how Tae Il pours more liquid into his crotch and starts the timer again to meet the challenge.

After this second attempt, which was also the last, the player again fell short within the required five seconds. Something understandable given the great flare that comes out when the liquid comes out of his pants. In the broadcast, the young man was seen screaming in pain and dying on the ground. However, after a while, he recomposes himself and shows, before the camera, the effects of fire on his body. Tae Il ends the video by sitting in front of the camera and holding what appears to be a cold compress before ending the live broadcast.

Many of his viewers, of course, were surprised that the YouTuber accepted this challenge, while others congratulated him on keeping his promise.

Later, the YouTuber explained to his fans via social media that he had gone to the hospital for treatment and confirmed that he had suffered second-degree burns.

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