A leopard is looking for food in… a restaurant in broad daylight

A leopard is looking for food in... a restaurant in broad daylight
Image: Pixabay

When you go to a restaurant in Hollywood you may find or meet a celebrity, but when you go to eat in Africa, you may come across a … Leopard.

This is what happened to tourists in South Africa, who stayed on the terrace of a restaurant after having breakfast at the Singita Ebony Lodge. According to the author of the video, the first sign of the arrival of the predator came from the mouths of the vervet monkeys, which began to scream when they saw the leopard. 

However, the employees who are working in that region are well trained for these types of encounters, so among humans, it didn’t create any panic as the leopard passed between the tables to do some research.

In fact, from the upper terrace, the leopard saw his own menu of the day, a harnessed bushbuck that was grazing near the restaurant. Then the feline decided to get off to grab his main dish of the day, and at the end of the recording, you can hear the alarm cry emitted by the bushbuck when he realizes that he is about to become the leopard’s food.