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Mom’s frozen fish-tank: A viral TikTok video shows the Texan tale of wild winters!!

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A mother from Texas shows how freezing it is while recording the frozen water in her daughter’s fish-tank and the dead fishes.

In a TikTok video that has gone madly viral on the internet, a Texan mom showed how the winter storms in Texas. The video has bagged around 36.5 million views.

A 25-year-old mom from Texas was showing in the video how the water in her daughter’s aquarium was frozen into a massive ice block while their fishes were still inside.

The woman recorded the instance when she went into her daughter’s bedroom where the fish tank was, and she was shocked. With the popular ‘oh-no’ song playing in the background, the mom showed how it was to live in the unbearably freezing cold of Texas.

The video was captioned as:

“literally in shock!

“wow. #texaswinter #texas #snowstorm2021 #twomoms #ohno.”

Reni King also said that her wife had tried to warm the water by putting a heater inside the aquarium to see if they would spring back to life,  but they seemed dead already.

In her conversation with BuzzFeed, Reni said, “Ever since Sunday the cold has not let up, and the snow keeps coming down.”

In a subsequent video, King asked her followers if she was allowed to flush the fishes now since she was unsure and hesitant to flush the fishes as the TikTokers felt that the fish could somehow come alive.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure what ya’ll want from us, but if you ask me that looks dead,” she said while taking the fish out of the tank with the help of a net.


😱😱😱 literally in shock! wow. ##texaswinter ##texas ##snowstorm2021 ##twomoms ##ohno

♬ Oh No – Kreepa
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