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Nutty trick for removing scratches from hardwood flooring

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All these household tricks have been incredibly useful in lockdown, but there’s a new one doing the rounds that’s blowing minds.

A woman has shared how to get scratches off hardwood floors by using an unlikely kitchen cupboard ingredient… a walnut.

In a viral video posted by the user @endpin123, the video maker explains she’s accidentally scratched her floor – but has heard that rubbing nuts onto the mark will make it disappear.

She then whips out three different types of nut to put it to the test: a walnut, a pecan and a pistachio.

After each nut is rubbed onto the scratch, it’s clear that the walnut comes out on top, followed by the pecan – which did an average job. The pistachio, however, does little to help the cause. 

In the video, she continues to use the walnut on the scratch and by the end it’s barely visible anymore. 

It’s safe to say that people have been left stunned with the unusual technique, with many commenting that they can’t wait to try it for themselves. 

One person replied to the video: ‘I’ve never been so excited to scratch my floor.’

While others attempted to explain the nutty trick.

Someone commented: ‘This works because it’s a shallow scratch, so it just scratched the clear finish. The oil in the nuts hydrate the wood and mimic the look of finish.’

While another added: ‘It’s because the little particle of nuts are filling the scratch divit.’

So no need to splash out on expensive floor fixers – it looks like your snack cupboard may hold the answer, after all.

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