One against five: a lioness takes food from five cheetahs

One against five: a lioness takes food from five cheetahs
Image: Pixabay

In the jungle, the law of the strongest always prevails. The same in the African savannahThis video, where you can see up to five cheetahs together, is the perfect example of how strength beats speed.

The 100 km / h a cheetah can reach with ease is of no use when compared to the strength of the king of the jungle … or the queen. This family of the fastest felines on earth lost their prey, an impala, to a lioness who decided to keep what she considers to be her right.

Danie Bester, a visitor to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, was the witness of this event, which, unfortunately, is not as unusual as it is thought. From the description of the video, it is quite common for this to happen.

On this occasion, it is a cheetah mom, known as Supermama, and her four little cubs, who had hunted an impala.

“In the distance I saw a lioness, approaching the cheetahs (…) At that moment, the sub-adult cubs fled while Supermom stood firm for a while longer until she finally hid behind the fallen trees, keeping a close eye on the lioness it was getting closer,” Bester said.

Finally, the lioness got the impala. The good news is that none of the members of the cheetah family was harmed, although they lost their prey.