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The viral story of the giant octopus strolling happily along a beach | Video

A 3D designer explains how he has created one of the most viral marine animals in the last few hours: he has deceived social...

This is what would happen to Earth if it collided with a huge celestial body | Video

Three-dimensional simulations show what would happen to an Earth-like planet if it is hit by a giant celestial body. https://youtu.be/WM-o0y_pfRw With the help of a supercomputer...

Videos: this is how the most expensive cars in the world are cared for

It is one thing to wash a car, and quite another to complete detailing for a luxury car. The difference between one concept and another is...

Size doesn’t matter: a wild dog manages to get out of a fight with lions alive

Not always the most muscular is the one that survives in the African savannah. The lion's strength has been overcome by this cunning wild...

Elon Musk, among the five richest men in the world

SpaceX company founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is among the 5 richest people in the world, according to the Forbes list of millionaires. According...

Hundreds of Police Movement Supporters Gather in New York State | Video

Hundreds of supporters of the Blue Lives Matter movement gathered at Jefferson station to show their support for law enforcement officials amid protests and...

How an Air Canada aircraft’s wheel fell off shortly after takeoff

"The year 2020 starts well," said one passenger, who filmed an Air Canada plane losing a wheel shortly after takeoff An aircraft from the Air...
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Veteran warns of a potential cryptocurrency crash that could hit global stock markets

Mark Mobius, a renowned emerging markets investor, has warned of a possible cryptocurrency crash that could hit global stock markets.

US CDC Alert: Fresh whole onions linked to Salmonella outbreak

US CDC warned, adding, people who have unlabeled whole red, white, or yellow onions at home to throw them away and not...

A new infectious disease is spreading in New York – experts warn

The city of New York has recorded an upsurge in human cases of leptospirosis, a bacterial disease spread by rats.

People with this blood group are more exposed to COVID-19 – says research

Recent research adds more evidence that blood type may influence a person's risk for COVID-19 infection and severe illness from the disease.