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Researchers catch “queen of the ocean” a huge white shark off the Canadian coast

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Researchers have managed to capture a huge white shark in the waters of Nova Scotia, Canada. The shark named Nukumi weighs 1,606 kilograms and measures 5.23 meters.

The animal was captured by researchers at Ocearch, a non-governmental organization that, among other things, is dedicated to identifying and tagging marine animals.

The female shark is estimated to be over 50 years old, which is why the researchers decided to name her Nukumi. According to the NGO, the name was chosen in honor of a “legendary figure of a wise grandmother from the people of Micmac”, who formerly inhabited the Nova Scotia region.

“With the new data we have collected, this matriarch will share her wisdom with us for years to come,” Ocearch wrote.

Nukumi has been called “queen of the ocean” by the organization’s scientists, who, after tagging her and taking samples from her body for research, released her back into the sea.

The female is the largest of the eight great white sharks that researchers have caught temporarily during the current expedition, which began just under a month ago.

Ocearch is an organization dedicated to the collection of ocean data, which it uses to better understand migration patterns and discover previously unknown details about the life of sharks. On its website, it is possible to follow in real-time the location of the squat they have tagged.

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