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Russian propaganda video shows ‘firing thermobaric rockets’ that can melt even human organs

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Manish Saini
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A Solntsepek 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher appears to be firing thermobaric missiles in a Russian military propaganda video released online.

A chilling Russian propaganda video demonstrates frightening thermobaric rockets capable of melting human organs.

Soldiers can be seen loading long missiles into a launcher in the video, which is set to lively Russian orchestral music.

Russian propaganda video shows 'firing thermobaric rockets' that can melt even human organs
Russian propaganda video shows ‘firing thermobaric rockets’ that can melt even human organs

Before the jets are ignited and the missiles are launched, the military vehicle is seen rolling into position at the edge of a field.

They can be seen slicing across the pure blue sky before crashing into the ground, erupting in a massive cloud of heavy smoke.

It’s unclear whether the clip, which has been extensively circulated on semi-official Russian Telegram channels, was shot during the Ukraine conflict or is pre-recorded advertising material for the lethal weapon.

Separate videos circulating on social media appear to show the aftermath of the TOS-1A Solntsepek 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher, which when launched burns the surrounding environment.

It has been reported that the launcher was observed near Mariupol, although this has not been confirmed.

Moscow defence sources claimed: “The TOS-1A Solntsepek was used against Ukrainian nationalists by the people’s militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic with the support of the Russian army during a special operation in Ukraine.”

The Solntsepek can fire a number of weapons, but it is most famous for its usage of thermobaric missiles, which the Russian military boasted about ten days ago.

The missiles are regarded as one of the most lethal weapons on the modern battlefield, and their usage is highly regulated.

Russian missiles have a far higher temperature of detonation than most, and their bursts endure much longer than ordinary weapons.

Internal organs can be severely damaged and flash burns can result from the heat they produce.

Sebastian Roblin, a military expert, writing for 19fortyfive.com, said: “A TOS-1 rocket barrage will wipe out everything within the 200-by-300m blast zone.”

“The Russian MoD has confirmed the use of the TOS-1A weapon system in Ukraine. The TOS-1A uses thermobaric rockets, creating incendiary and blast effects,” the MoD tweeted towards the start of the conflict.

You were reading: Russian propaganda video shows ‘firing thermobaric rockets’ that can melt even human organs

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