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“Scarier than an alien”: This marine animal has a totally unusual way of attacking its prey

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As a general rule, jellyfish use tentacles to sting and capture their victims. However, this specimen uses a mechanism that will blow your mind.

Like its coelenterate sistersCassiopea, commonly known as upside-down jellyfish, is capable of stinging its victims. However, the most surprising thing is that it prefers to do it remotely.

This type of Jellyfish are usually placed on the seabed in an inverted position and filter the water around them, so that the stinging cells end up in the water together with the animal’s mucous secretions, allowing the jellyfish to sting its victims without approaching them.

Cassiopea also gains energy through symbiosis with dinoflagellates, the single-celled photosynthetic microorganisms that live in seawater.

“Nature is very bizarre and beautiful” and “this creature is scarier than an alien,” were some of the comments in the video.

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