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Size doesn’t matter: a wild dog manages to get out of a fight with lions alive

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Not always the most muscular is the one that survives in the African savannah. The lion’s strength has been overcome by this cunning wild dog.

The video, recorded in northern Botswana by a safari viewer, shows how a pack of lions is interrupted by two intrepid wild dogs, who in turn were hunting an impala.

Being sighted by lions, the rest is history: one miraculously escapes, while the other is not so lucky. The new lion victim seems exhausted, you can even hear the sound that the bones make when they are pierced by the teeth of the king of the jungle

However, in an unexpected ending, the dog, who played dead, raises his head and seeing that there were no Moors on the coast, decides to run away. Although the lion, who at the time was distracted by another prey, is chasing him, he fails to reach him.

The survival instinct was stronger than the pain of the wounds. However, a pair of fractured ribs and the shattered right leg took its toll on the boy’s health. According to the video, the dog managed to live a few more months, which is a real success in the wild world.

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