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So you can steal a piece of pizza without anyone knowing

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Manish Saini
Manish works as a Journalist and writer at Revyuh.com. He has studied Political Science and graduated from Delhi University. He is a Political engineer, fascinated by politics, and traditional businesses. He is also attached to many NGO's in the country and helping poor children to get the basic education. Email: Manish (at) revyuh (dot) com

A pizzeria employee has gone viral on TikTok by sharing a clever trick to remove a piece of pizza without the customer noticing. 

In a short video, user@lonelypepperoni shows a freshly baked pizza placed in a delivery box. A text on the images says:

“When everyone buys a pizza but you pay more.”

With the help of a special knife, the person cuts the pizza twice, leaving a large and long piece in the center, which is removed. The remaining two pieces are then put together to create a slightly smaller pizza, which is cut into the usual eight pieces.

The hack, it seems, left netizens impressed. The video already has more than 24.5 million views, 1.6 million likes and tens of thousands of comments.


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♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

“It makes me question everything,” wrote one network user.

“My God, the deception,” commented another follower.

“Now I have confidence issues,” added a third.

The user @lonelypepperoni clarified, however, that the content of the videos is exclusively for fun and that these pizzas are not sold to the public.

“Obviously they are jokes, these pizzas are eaten by the employees,” reads the description of the page, in what appears to be an attempt to avoid possible criticism.

Image Credit: Getty

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