The story of how Spotify was created will become a Netflix series

The story of how Spotify was created will become a Netflix series

The birth of tech startups, especially if they eventually manage to become reference actors within their sector, can be top material for film and/or TV adaptations. “Pirates of Silicon Valley” (about the rise to the top of the Microsoft and Apple industry) or the successful “The Social Network” (about the founding of Facebook) are examples of this.

That is why Netflix has decided to add another example of this genre still without name to its series catalog, and the graceful startup has been the Swedish streaming music platform Spotify: its foundation, and the way that over the last decade it has managed to change the way we access the music will be the axes on which this new production revolves.

From libraries to Netflix

The script will be based on the book ‘Spotify Untold’ by Jonas and Sven Carlsson, in which they tell the details about how two young compatriots, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon dared to stand up to Google and Apple betting on streaming to the detriment of downloads.

The fact that a 100% legal service was able to minimize irregular downloads of music, which had only grown since the Napster era, will also be addressed over the course of the series.

Yellow Bird UK, the producer of the Swedish series ‘The Young Wallander’ (also on Netflix) will be responsible for carrying out the adaptation, which will be directed by Norwegian Per-Olav Sørensen (Nobel, Quicksand) and will be available in English and Swedish.

The series, according to Netflix, will tell viewers “how the firmness of convictions, willpower and big dreams can help small actors challenge the status quo.” Tesha Crawford, head of Netflix’s own productions in Northern Europe, adds that

“The story of the founding of Spotify is a great example of how a local event can end up having a global impact.”

The production company, Yellow Bird UK, describes it more like “a tale of our time […] that addresses the battle for cultural and economic influence within a globalized digital world.” A battle Spotify continues to wage with an army of more than 232 million active users (100 million of them are paid users) deployed in up to 65 countries.

Netflix has not yet given a specific date for the release of the ‘Spotify’ series.