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TikTok user shares a strange video of a double chicken egg

An ordinary chicken laid an unusual egg

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Users called the huge egg a matryoshka because there is another whole egg in the shell inside.

An ordinary chicken laid an unusual egg. A strange fact was shared by a TikTok user. The woman showed on the video the so-called miracle of nature and told that in one egg there is another whole egg.

“Look – this is a chicken egg. We break it: there is a white, there is a yolk, you see? Look, another one in the middle. A whole full-fledged egg: shell separately, egg separately. And here’s another whole egg. What is it?” – says the woman.

TikTok users reacted ambiguously to this fact. Some accused the author of the video of lying, and some made a joke, whether it was a chicken and a goose who slept and so on.

“Don’t you live in Chernobyl?”

At the same time, from a scientific point of view, such a phenomenon is quite possible. It is called counter-peristalsis and indicates an abnormal development of the fetus.

During the day, the post received more than 65 thousand likes and about seven thousand comments.


Всем привет. Подскажите, пожалуйста, у кого-то такое было? Это куриное яйцо.

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