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The tough confrontation between a crocodile and two monitor lizards for eggs

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Tourists in South Africa’s Kruger National Park witnessed two monitor lizard attacking a crocodile nest.

Video author Colin Pretorius said he saw a female crocodile while eating breakfast at a restaurant. In front of people’s eyes, the reptile dug a hole in the sand and laid its eggs there. Afterwards, he crawled to the side to bask in the sun but still didn’t take his eyes off the nest.

“Then we saw a monitor lick appear. It tried to sneak up behind the crocodile to steal its eggs,” Pretorius explains. The crocodile pushed the monitor away, but it did not leave but continued to observe the nest from a safe distance. Soon another monitor joined him.

“The crocodile tried to scare off the monitor lizards for a while, but the two eventually won and got what they came for,” concludes Pretorius. At the end of the video, one of the lizards comes out with an egg in its mouth, which it stole when the crocodile left.

The Kruger National Park is located in the northeast of South Africa. Its territory is home to around 1,500 lions, 12,000 elephants, 2,500 buffalo, around 1,000 leopards and 5,000 rhinos.

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