Turning off threats, insults and inappropriate comments on Youtube

Turning off threats, insults and inappropriate comments on Youtube

A crackdown on threats, insults, and inappropriate comments: YouTube wants to make interactions between community members more respectful.

Google today announces the introduction of new policies for YouTube, a platform with a global reach and capable of attracting even a very young audience. For this reason, more effective rules were needed to combat harassment and threats.

YouTube’s fight against harassment and threats

The objective of the new impositions is to prohibit not only those of an explicit nature (as already happens), but also those veiled or implicit. Zero tolerance for contents comparable to an insult on the basis of personal and sensitive characteristics such as origin, ethnicity, gender, identity or sexual orientation. For channels considered to be in violation, exclusion from partnerships is envisaged, which allow the monetization of one’s activity or, in the most serious cases, closure.

Focus also on comments: in just one quarter the interventions carried out reached 16 million and a further increase is expected for the future. To this end, YouTube will also leverage the collaboration of the creators, called to report those that are inappropriate or inappropriate.

These terms are defined thanks also to the comparison with the members of the community as well as with experts, organizations that study the phenomenon of cyberbullying, journalists, realities that are fighting to protect freedom of expression and exponents of the political scenario.

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