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Two tigers engage in “a battle of titans” in India

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Kamal Saini
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The best thing you will watch. Two tigers in India staged a fierce fight that ended as unexpectedly as it began.

At the beginning of the video clip, you can see how two cats walk through trees as if they were going somewhere and did not want to fight. However, at some point one of them lunges at the other and engages in a fierce battle. 

After a few seconds, the animals stopped fighting and returned to move away from each other at a safe distance.

“Clash of the Titans. Only from India. The best you will see. Received via WhatsApp,” wrote an employee of the Indian Forest Service, Parveen Kaswan, who posted the video.

Meanwhile, many tweeters suggested that it was a territorial fight. It is very common not only for tigers but also for a large number of other wild species. 

The fight ended because one of the two tigers gave up and showed that he recognized the dominance of his opponent, which is why he lay down on the ground. Typically, territorial animals do not fight with the intention of killing each other, but to see who is the strongest. 

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