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Viral PAW-BELL – This adorable video shows two clever puppies use their own DOORBELL to get inside when they are done playing in the garden

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Clever dogs Dolly, two, and Kevin, eight months old, use their own special ringer to get the attention of their owners when they are done playing in the garden.

In the adorable video clip, Kevin can be seen pressing the doorbell with his nose and patiently waiting by the back door with Dolly to be let in.

Owner Joss Neighbour, 32, filmed the polite French bulldog while his stepson William opened the door to let them back into their home in Surrey.

Joss and his fiancee Nikki Elvin, 38, decided to get the doorbell to help Joss, who is currently battling cancer, know when the dogs want to come in when he’s resting.

They initially hung bells outside for the dogs to hit when they wanted to come inside and after that proved to be a success, they progressed to the doorbell in February 2021.

Export clerk Joss said: “Sometimes when I was resting, the dogs just jumped up at the windows to let me know that they wanted to come in.

“They were scratching the bi-fold windows so we decided to buy this and it’s been amazing!

“We are very happy! Anytime anyone is visiting the house and they see the dogs use it, they’re amazed. It was a very good purchase!”

Dolly and Kevin’s doorbell is a Tebrun Wireless Dog Doorbell that is specifically designed for dogs so they can communicate with their owners.

The pad is bigger and more sensitive than a traditional doorbell so dogs can use their nose or paw as they so wish to sound the doorbell.

Joss said: “It all depends what mood they’re in. If Kevin is outside and getting frustrated when we don’t answer it quick enough, then he slaps it with his paw. If not, they touch it with their nose.

“Kevin will happily press it to go in and out, but Dolly only presses it to go out and refuses to press it to come in!

“Luckily, they always go out together, so Kevin presses it to let us know they are both ready to come in.”

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