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The biggest rapist in the United Kingdom: filmed more than 100 men while assaulting them

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Reynhard Sinaga has been sentenced to life imprisonment as guilty of sexually assaulting 159 men; although the actual number of victims is unknown

One of his multiple victims describes him as a “monster”, but for the citizens of the United Kingdom, he is considered the “most prolific rapist” in the history of law in the country. Reynhard Sinaga, 36, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Manchester court for sexual assault on 159 men. Although the real number of victims, according to the judge, will never be known.

Sinaga has been convicted of almost 159 sexual assault on 48 men, but the numbers handled by the police are much higher and ensure that there is evidence that links the convicted man with attacks on 190 different men, according to CNN. Sources of the investigation also ensure that many of the victims were videotaped while they were abused and that some were unconscious.

“You are an evil serial sexual predator who has preyed upon young men who came into the city center wanting nothing more than a good night out with their friends.” The judge said while delivering her verdict, noting that his guilt has been demonstrated by the “scale and magnitude” of his crimes.

Sinaga attacked his victims – when they were “alone” and “vulnerable”, as described by the Manchester Police Department in a statement – in the early hours of the morning at the exit of Manchester nightclubs. The now condemned approached his goal and engaged in conversation with him with the intention of offering them a place to sleep or where to get more alcohol. Once inside his apartment, Sinaga handed them a glass of drugs inside (ecstasy, as reported by the authorities). Later, he raped his victims, almost unconscious, while recording everything.

Although these crimes were repeated for years, the case did not come to light until June 2017, when one of the complainants woke up in the defendant’s room and “faced him” and managed to get his aggressor’s cell phone before leaving the apartment. Then, the young man went to the authorities to tell them what happened, so he was subsequently arrested.

After the relevant investigations, the Police revealed a total of 190 potential victims related to the accused. However, the agents estimate that there are still around 70 alleged victims who have not yet been identified. In order to determine the exact number of men who have been attacked by Sinaga, Mabs Hussain, assistant to the Chief of the Manchester Police Department, has publicly requested that citizens contact the authorities in case they have any type of information.

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