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The British Government confirms that the Brexit agreement will be voted on Friday

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A spokesman for Downing Street has reported the new voting date in the House of Commons, which already has a composition that favors the doctrine of Boris Johnson

The United Kingdom Government has confirmed that the Withdrawal Agreement that raises the break with the European Union, known as Brexit, will be presented on Friday before the House of Commons, which already has a composition that clearly favors the doctrine of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The Conservative Party, with Johnson in the lead, won an absolute majority last week that will allow it to move forward with the agreement, according to which the United Kingdom can leave the community bloc at the end of January. Meeting this deadline, in fact, was one of the great promises of the ‘Tory’ leader.

The agreement, which includes certain changes in relation to the text once negotiated by the Theresa May government, was rejected in October by the House of Commons, which then precipitated the approval of a text questioned by both the opposition and a group of dissenting conservatives.

A spokesman for Downing Street has reported on Monday the new voting date, in a statement to journalists in which he has also reiterated the Government’s confidence in the next signing of a long-term trade agreement with the EU, according to the BBC.

On the other hand, Johnson’s spokesman has also confirmed that the British ‘premier’ has given its approval to the publication of a report on the alleged Russian electoral interference. The report should have seen the light before the elections, but the Executive claimed, not without controversy, that it needed more time.

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