In California, evacuated 200,000 people due to fires

In California, evacuated 200,000 people due to fires
Image by Ylvers from Pixabay

In northern California, nearly 200,000 people received orders to evacuate due to forest fires, reports AP. On October 27, Governor Gavin Newsome imposed a state of emergency throughout the state.

The fires in Sonoma County, which began last Wednesday, burned over 85 square miles (220 square kilometres), destroyed 94 buildings. About 80 thousand buildings remain at risk. The spread of fire is facilitated by a strong wind, the speed of which in gusts exceeds 164 kilometres per hour.

In the vicinity of San Francisco, due to steppe fires, traffic along federal highways was twice interrupted.

California Forest Department spokesman Jonathan Cox compared the state in these weather conditions to a powder keg. Of the 58 districts in the state, out of 58 last Sunday, there was increased concern about the risk of forest fires.

For the third time in a week and for the fourth time in a month, Pacific Gas & Electric Co notified more than 1.2 million consumers that they could be cut off the electricity supply. The company introduces these restrictions to prevent additional fires due to power line breaks. Last weekend, more than 2.4 million consumers turned off the light.

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