China presents a new weapon capable of carrying 240 submunitions | Video, photos

China presents a missile capable of carrying 240 submunitions | Video, photos
© REUTERS / China Daily

The Chinese state media revealed the images and details about the new Tianlei 500 – a precision-guided ammunition dispenser. According to experts, the weapon would help the Chinese Army gain air superiority.

The Chinese national television station CCTV-7 published a video showing the 500 kg precision-guided ammunition dispenser.

The dispenser has wings and a section for carrying submunitions. And it can also reduce its radar section to increase its stealth capabilities and become more difficult to intercept, according to the report.

The range of the weapon is more than 60 km and it can carry six types of submunitions to attack different targets.

“It can carry up to 240 submunitions. And when dispersed, they can spread to over 6,000 square metres,” said an engineer working on the project.

According to the sources, the missile fills a gap in the Chinese air force and improves its combat capabilities.

The weapon could help the Chinese Army to gain air superiority, increase its attack efficiency and undermine the enemy’s combat capabilities, the Chinese network says.

The media also note that the new weapon comes amid escalating tensions between China and Taiwan.

In particular, Taipei signed an agreement on the purchase of fighter jets from US Lockheed Martin. The Pentagon confirmed a $ 62,000 transaction on August 14 without mentioning the buyer.