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The China Public Environmental Research Center rewards Apple for its ecological effort

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Kuldeep Singh
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During the last years, one of Apple’s efforts has been related to the environment. The results of this have been that Greenpeace consolidates it as one of the cleanest companies in the world. And now it is China who recognizes this merit to Apple not only for being green in itself but for bringing this to its entire supply chain.

As Apple has announced on its official website in China, today they have become the first company to receive the exceptional CITI Green Supply Chain brand. They have been at the top of the CITI ranking for the past five years and the award is now a recognition of that leadership. In other words, proof of the environmental effort present in China, Apple’s main country of production (and consequently of pollution).

According to Ge Yue, Managing Director of Apple in Greater China:

We always believe that to create the best products in the world, we must create the products that are most beneficial to the world. For this reason, we are committed to promoting the development of intelligent and sustainable manufacturing.

The key is in the assembly line

“Intelligent and sustainable manufacturing”, that last point is the interesting one of Ge Yue’s statements. And it is that Apple’s effort has not only been to avoid contaminating as its own company but to encourage its partners to also improve their working conditions to avoid the impact on the environment. That is if the iPhone is manufactured by Foxconn and dozens of companies that offer the components, they also do not pollute so much in the process.

Some points that stand out and for which Apple has won this award are water management and the commitment to renewable energy. A system created by Apple in 2013 allows better control of water consumption in the assembly line of its products to save billions of litres. On the other hand, remember that last year Apple announced that all its operations are carried out with renewable energy and more than 40% of those of its partners in the supply chain.

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