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Coronavirus unleashes a television war over Trump

CNN charges the president of the United States with unusual labels while Fox News defends him at all costs

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Aakash Molpariya
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The open war between the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and some major media in this country seems to have reached its peak. As an example, what happened a few hours ago during the press conference that Trump offered before the media from the White House to report on the progress of the Covid 19 coronavirus, where he not only got in contact with a journalist but also saw how CNN It attacked him through the superimposed labels on the screen.

 The CBS correspondent for the White House, Paula Reid, shared the role of the press conference with Trump himself, reproaching him that “things had not been done well”, as the American president maintains: “You didn’t use it to prepare hospitals. You didn’t use it to augment the evidence. Right now, almost 20 million people are unemployed. Tens of thousands of Americans are dead!”

But Trump was not intimidated and entered an unusual melee in which he went on to say that the journalist’s performance was “shameful” and that he was covering information about the coronavirus in a “false” way, accusing his news network to spread fake news.

Something like this was also happening with the correspondents of other media, such as the New York Times, who have published in the last hours that Trump had reports since January that recommended him to take action before the arrival of the pandemic but that the American president ignored. Something that the US Administration also qualifies as false news.

While all this was happening, one of the networks that the most frontal opposition has shown throughout Trump’s first term, CNN, surprised its viewers by labeling the appearance with messages loaded with intent. “Angry Trump during the propaganda appearance,” “Trump uses the briefing to try to rewrite the story about the coronavirus response,” and “Trump refuses to acknowledge any mistakes.” 

Right at the other extreme, the conservative Fox News network showed totally different labels in which the press was accused of “brutalizing” Trump and in which they even considered the disqualifications of the media that had published information contrary to US Administration: “Trump: The New York Times story is” totally false.”

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