Democrats denounce Trump’s suggestion to delay 2020 US elections

Democrats denounce Trump's suggestion to delay 2020 US elections
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The US Democratic lawmakers denounced President Donald Trump’s suggestion to delay the 2020 presidential election, stressing that he does not have the power to do so.

This July 30, Trump suggested postponing the November 3 elections due to concerns about possible vote-by-mail fraud and the pandemic of the new coronavirus, so they can be held safely.

The US Senator Patty Murray said in a statement that the president does not have the power to postpone the elections.

“Voting by mail, as we do in [Washington state], is legitimate and safe,” said the legislator.

Murray also questioned Trump’s lack of concern, suggesting that states should open schools in the fall despite the coronavirus pandemic.

For her part, Congresswoman Diana DeGette of Colorado (west) said her state has shown that voting by mail is safe and can be practised across the country.

DeGette stressed that all voters should have the option to vote by mail due to the pandemic.

Senators Chris Coons and Maggie Hassan called on Republicans in Congress to publicly denounce Trump’s suggestion.

Senator Ron Wyden described the president’s suggestion as “the thoughts of an aspiring tyrant.”

The US Constitution states that the authority to change an election date lies with Congress.

Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, have opposed any change this year.

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