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Drones loaded with explosives attack Erbil airport in Iraq

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Aakash Molpariya
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In recent months there have been attacks against the ‘Green Zone’, as well as other parts where Iraqi companies working for the international coalition operate

The airport in the city of Erbil, in northern Iraq, has been the target of an attack with drones loaded with explosives on Tuesday, with no information on victims or material damage at the moment.

The spokesman for the international coalition against the Islamic State, Wayne Marotto, has reported that “At approx. 11:15 PM local time, one UAS impacted in vicinity of Erbil Air Base, Iraq.” Near the airport, there is a US military base.

“Initial report: At approx. 11:15 PM local time, one UAS impacted in vicinity of Erbil Air Base, Iraq. At this time initial reports indicate no injuries, casualties or damage. We will update when we have further information.,” he added through his Twitter account.

The anti-terrorist directorate of Iraqi Kurdistan has also confirmed the attack, as well as that it has caused no casualties, only a fire, according to the Kurdish agency Rudaw.

The region’s governor, Omed Khoshnaw, has also called the attack “a terrorist attack” and assured the population that the situation is completely under control, reports Iraqi news portal Basnews.

The attack comes a day after the US Embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, confirmed that its defense systems have responded to an “air threat” against the building, after the downing of a drone in the area as well as another rocket attack on the Ain al Assad military base.

In recent months there have been numerous attacks against the Green Zone and the capital’s airport, as well as against other parties in which Iraqi companies operating for the international coalition led by the United States and targets of the coalition itself operate.

The incidents have been attributed mainly to militias supported by Iran, some of them integrated into the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) – one of the allied elements of the Iraqi security forces in the offensive against the Islamic State, also accused of the murder of activists and protesters during the anti-government protests that have taken place in recent months.

The United States has carried out several bombings against PMF positions in response to these attacks, including one carried out at the end of June on the Syrian-Iraq border that resulted in several deaths, after which the PMF promised to respond against US targets.

Image Credit: Reuters

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