Due to fire, Schwarzenegger had to evacuate from his home in Los Angeles

Due to fire, Schwarzenegger had to evacuate from his home in Los Angeles
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Natural fires led to the mass evacuation of several areas of Los Angeles, including the very prestigious, according to American media on Tuesday.

In particular, the houses of the famous basketball player Lebron James, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as actor Ryan Phillippe, were ordered to evacuate.

“If you are in the evacuation zone, take it seriously … I am grateful to the best firefighter in the world They are the real heroes who put themselves at risk to protect the people of California.” – he wrote Schwarzenegger tweeted.

In addition, according to firefighters, fires also threaten one of the largest art museums in the world – Getty, located in Los Angeles.

Strong forest fires are raging throughout California. Last week, fires began in Sonoma County, California, where nearly 200,000 people received alerts on their mobile phones to leave their homes due to increased danger.

On Sunday, October 27, California Governor Gavin Newsome announced the introduction of an emergency mode throughout California. In 43 of the 58 state counties, a red hazard level is declared.

According to the governor, the fires that always rage in California in October this year pose a particular threat. This is due to strong winds.

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