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Emmanuel Macron finds ‘leftist American ideology’ a way of dividing French society

Emmanuel Macron denounces 'leftist American ideology' as a way of dividing French society
Image by Neil Hall/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President of France Emmanuel Macron lashed out at “leftist American ideology” for having inspired a new generation of activists into supporting theories society in France had “freed” itself from.

Emmanuel Macron hit out at campaigns reducing members of France’s society to “their identity or their particularity.”

President Macron, in an interview with Elle France, stated:

The logic of intersectionality fractures everything. I stand for universalism.

I don’t agree with a fight that reduces everyone to their identity or their particularity

Social difficulties are not only explained by gender and the colour of your skin, but also by social inequalities.

The president further added:

I’m seeing society progressively more racial. We had freed ourselves from this approach and now we’re once more categorizing people according to their race and by doing that we are totally placing them under home arrest.

Commenting on the piece, RT UK presenter Kevin Owen said:

French integrity is at risk, at least according to President Macron who’s blaming leftist American ideology for dividing society.

Further, he thinks the US is winding the clock back on issues like race and gender.

A fresh generation of activists in France denounced racism in the country and its colonial past while Macron claims it’s inequality holding society back.

The Vice-President of the Eurasia Center, Earl Rasmussen, stressed that “woke culture” had created a division across the international community.

He said:

The wokeism, the cancel culture, the overly identity type issues, the critical race theory are creating division.

Step backward and they start to break the society apart. He has a very valid point.

Another RT UK member also pointed out the difference in the societal makeup of US and French society makes it difficult to apply the same theories of racial relations and gender in the two countries.

She said:

It’s an American import and the people who believe in this essentially are trying to use an American blueprint for French society which is very different from America.

History is very different, our race relations are very different. The issue of slavery doesn’t exist in France in the way that it exists in America.

It has existed but not at all founding the existence of the country itself.

At the beginning of the year, President Macron rejected calls to apologize for the abuses committed against Algeria under French colonial rule.

Mr President had earlier admitted that the actions of the French government constituted “crimes against humanity” but excluded “repentance” and “excuses” for the occupation of Algeria and the bloody war of independence that lasted 8 years.

Image by Neil Hall/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images