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FBI is looking for a man with jetpack who flew next to planes in Los Angeles

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Manish Saini
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The FBI is investigating reports of a man with a jet pack who was flying alongside the American Airlines planes in the US city of Los Angeles.

Like a scene from an action movie, the American Airlines pilot who was approaching to make the landing informed the control tower that there was a man with a jetpack flying next to the aircraft.

According to the pilot, the man was at a distance of about 270 meters from their left-wing while they were flying at an altitude of 1,000 meters. In fact, the American network Fox 11 published the recording of the communications that revealed the timeline of the events.

Minutes later another pilot claimed to have seen the rocket man, and the air traffic controller warned the other aircraft that were in the area. With this, one of the pilots summed up the situation in the most concise way: “Only in LA.”

However, if the pilots’ statements are confirmed, it would be an extremely dangerous trick, since it was performed in the area where the aircraft land.

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