FT announces Beijing’s plans to change Hong Kong administration

FT announces Beijing's plans to change Hong Kong administration
Image by Philippsaal from Pixabay

The Chinese authorities are developing a plan to replace Hong Kong’s head of administration, Carrie Lam, writes the Financial Times on Wednesday, citing its sources.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, Lam will be replaced by the interim chief executive of Hong Kong. The reason for this decision was the ongoing protests in Hong Kong against the head of administration.

Her successor will be appointed by March 2020, although Lam was to remain in office until 2022. According to FT sources, it is not a fact that the new head of the Hong Kong administration will be elected immediately for five years.

The former head of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Norman Chen, and the son of textile tycoon Henry Tan, who previously served as Hong Kong’s financial secretary and chief administration secretary, are claiming Lam’s place.

In June, mass demonstrations began in Hong Kong with protests against proposals for amendments to the law that would allow authorities to expel suspected criminals to mainland China. Later they grew into riots and pogroms.

After the administration announced that the consideration of amendments to the law was postponed, the demonstrators put forward new requirements. In particular, they are seeking proceedings on excessively harsh police actions during clashes with protesters, as well as Lam’s resignation as head of administration. Demonstrators say they will not stop until the head of the administration and members of the legislature are elected by democratic elections.