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The ‘impeachment’ is a suicide and a shame for the Democrats: Donald Trump

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Jiya Saini
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“Through their depraved actions on Wednesday, the crazy Democrats of Nancy Pelosi have signalled themselves with an eternal mark of shame,” Trump said.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said Wednesday that the charges approved against him by the House of Representatives to initiate a political trial entail a political “suicide” and an “eternal mark of shame” for the Democrats.

“Through their depraved actions on Wednesday, the crazy Democrats of Nancy Pelosi have signalled themselves with an eternal mark of shame,” Trump said in reference to the president of the Lower House at a rally in Battle Creek (Michigan), minutes after the charges against the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress were approved. “They,” he added, “do not believe that you have the right to elect your own president …

Therefore, the US president said that the accusations approved against him represent “a suicide march for the Democratic Party” that, in his opinion, has “cheaper” the price of an “impeachment” for future presidents.

“Everything will end soon”

Trump also appreciated that all Republican congressmen remained united against the “impeachment” while three Democrats broke with the leadership of their party and rejected the accusations.

“The Republican Party has never been as affronted but united as it is now,” said the president, who for the political trial to be held in the Senate in January predicted that conservative senators “will do the right thing“. “Everything will end soon and with a great victory.”

The House of Representatives, dominated by Democrats under the orders of Nancy Pelosi, on Wednesday gave its green light to the political trial against Trump by approving charges of abuse of power with 230 votes in favor and 197 against and obstruction Congress (229 a 198). In the Senate, Republicans maintain control of 53 versus 47, to which is added that the impeachment requires a two-thirds majority so that the political trial to be held in that chamber is doomed to failure.

The Democrats began the impeachment process against Trump following a leak by an informant who revealed to the Intelligence services the content of a July telephone conversation between the president and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski.

In that call, Trump pressured Zelenski to investigate his political rival and former vice president, Democrat Joe Biden – currently a candidate for his party in the 2020 elections – and his son Hunter for alleged corruption in that country.

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