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Indo-China border Dispute: India lashes out at Beijing’s territory claim

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Indian Foreign Ministry blames China for June’s Ladakh clash, SLAMS back at Beijing’s latest ‘violation’

India‘s external affairs ministry spokesperson, Anurag Shrivastava, during a media briefing claimed that Bejing is trying to bring about ‘unilateral change’ along the Line of Action Control (LAC). He also put down the blame of the clash on China for their expansion into the Indian Territory.

While commenting on China’s blame on India for Lethal Border Dispute he said:

“Our position has been very clear and has been articulated several times in the past. The situation that we have seen since the last six months has been a result of the actions of the Chinese side which has sought to effect a unilateral change in status along the LAC in eastern Ladakh”.

“These actions are in violation of the bilateral agreements and protocol on ensuring peace and tranquility along the LAC in the India-China border areas,” he added.

Chinese foreign ministry last week had again blamed India for the Ladakh clash.

Ministries spokeswoman Hua Chunying, said:

“The merits of the situation at the border area are very clear and the responsibility totally lies with the Indian side. China has been strictly observing the agreements signed between the two sides and committed to resolving the border issue through dialogue and we are committed to safeguarding regional peace and tranquillity at border areas (…)

“But like all sovereign states, we are determined in safeguarding our territorial integrity. So on the Indian side, I think this is a serious question on what it should reflect upon,” she added.

After her statement, her counterpart Anurag Shrivastava said that the relationship between New Delhi and Beijing are most strained than it has been in decades.

He also said that the ties between the two countries were significantly damaged after the June Ladakh clash.

“Beijing has violated border agreements by deploying huge numbers of troops along the LAC,” he added.

Recently China has brought tens and thousands of soldiers in full military preparation mode to LAC. “Naturally the relationship would be profoundly disturbed by this,” said Mr. Shrivastava.

Indian and Chinese troops clashed in Ladakh in June this year, during which twenty soldiers on the Indian side died. Since then the relationship between the two countries has been strained.

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