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Injections – in the hand, money – in the pocket: Biden explained how the “Plan to Save America” ​​will work

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Kamal Saini
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US President Joe Biden told the details of the “plan to save America”, which was developed by the administration. It includes medical and financial support for people living in the United States.

Over the next 10 days, we will achieve two huge goals. The first is one hundred million vaccinations in the hands of people over 10 days. And the second – one hundred million checks in people’s pockets. Injections – in the hand, money – in the pocket. That’s important, said Joe Biden.

At the same time, the President stressed that the announcement of this plan is one thing, but its implementation is quite another. 

“It needs close scrutiny to make sure help arrives quickly, fairly, and efficiently, without cost or fraud in your bank account, in the mailbox,” Joe Biden added.

The president has appointed Gene Sperling, an economic policy expert, in charge of overseeing the American Salvation Plan. Sperling previously served as director of the White House Economic Council. He served in the presidencies of Clinton and Obama.

The Plan to Save America includes a $ 1.9 trillion economic aid package. In particular, there is a $ 1,400 lump sum payment for 90% of the US population earning less than $ 75,000 a year, a $ 300 coronavirus unemployment benefit, and financial support for schools and kindergartens, small businesses, airlines, and more.

In addition, Joe Biden stressed the importance of mass vaccination. He called on doctors, pastors and small communities to encourage people in their communities to be vaccinated. Earlier, the same opinion was voiced at a press conference by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“If former President Trump woke up tomorrow and wanted to speak more actively about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, we would, of course, support it. But it’s important to note that 81 percent of Republicans said they would trust their own doctor or health care provider, and that’s important,” said Jen Psaki.

A recent joint poll by PBS, NPR radio, and the Marist poll found that about half of American men who called themselves Republicans said they had no plans to be vaccinated.

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