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Iran calls in Swiss ambassadors after Trump’s threats

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On Sunday, President Donald Trump reportedly warned that he is ready to strike at 52 Iranian targets if Tehran launched attacks targeting Americans or American targets.

Apart to this, these are the latest developments in this situation:

  • Iran has summoned the Swiss ambassador to Tehran because of the threats from US President Donald Trump. “The hostile and threatening statements by the US president are absolutely unacceptable and violate international laws”, said Secretary of State Abbas Araghchi to the diplomat on Sunday. Trump’s statements regarding attacks on cultural centers in Iran, according to Araghchi, are reminiscent of the methods of the Mongols and Islamist terrorist militias and are a clear sign of war crimes. Iran will not be intimidated by this and will consistently counter any US aggression, the vice minister said, according to the Isna news agency. Switzerland represents the United States’ diplomatic interests in Iran, as Tehran and Washington have had no diplomatic relations for more than 40 years.
  • Great Britain wants to send two warships to the Persian Gulf. Defense minister Ben Wallace said on Saturday that the destroyer “HMS Defender” and the frigate “HMS Montrose” were supposed to protect merchant ships in the strategically important The Strait of Hormuz. After speaking to his American counterpart Mark Esper on Friday, Wallace called on everyone to avoid escalating the situation. Wallace added that US forces in Iraq have been repeatedly attacked by militias backed by Iran in the past few months. “Under international law, the United States has the right to defend itself against those who pose an immediate threat to its citizens”, he said.
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