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ISIS propaganda reaches TikTok: two dozen accounts removed

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Kamal Saini
Kamal S. has been Journalist and Writer for Business, Hardware and Gadgets at Revyuh.com since 2018. He deals with B2b, Funding, Blockchain, Law, IT security, privacy, surveillance, digital self-defense and network policy. As part of his studies of political science, sociology and law, he researched the impact of technology on human coexistence. Email: kamal (at) revyuh (dot) com

The propagandists of the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group have reached a social network as particular as TikTok. According to The Wall Street Journal, Storyful social media monitoring company recently identified about two dozen accounts related to ISIS.

The videos in question were short-lived, as required by the operation of this platform, and according to the description made of them incorporated hymns of the terrorist organization, as well as images of corpses and ISIS fighters. Being clearly propagandistic, they were destined to add adherents.

Unusual content on TikTok

TikTok is characterized, in general, by its cheerful and even funny content. It is also a platform used mainly by teenagers. With these wicks, it is especially striking that the propaganda networks of the self-styled Islamic State have disseminated materials in it.

The different accounts detected by Storyful were removed from the platform as soon as they were notified by the monitoring firm, although for now, it is unknown what TikTok’s condition may be regarding the extremist content. What is known, according to The Wall Street Journal, is that one of the videos had won a few 68 likes and some accounts had about 1,000 followers.

It should be remembered that for companies such as YouTube, Google and Facebook, these types of publications have already proven to be a problem that concerns both companies themselves and, above all, the authorities.

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