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Joe Biden establishes new Pentagon Taskforce on China

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The US President announced the formation of a new Pentagon task force on China,  to review and formulate a comprehensive strategy to meet the rising challenges from Beijing.

The constrained relations between the US and China undergo yet another twist with the announcement of a new Pentagon task force by the US President.

On February 10, Wednesday, US President Joe Biden announced the establishment of a Special Task Force of the Defense Department, on China. He has also ordered an immediate analysis of the military’s strategic approach towards dealing with threats posed by Beijing, and formulation of a comprehensive policy on the same.

During his visit to the Pentagon Joe Biden highlighted the significance of such analysis. He said that to map a strong way ahead on matters related to Beijing that will require a lot of effort from the government, reviewing the strategic approach is extremely important.

He also stated that in order to maintain peace and protect its interests in the Indo-Pacific region and globally, the country has to face rising threats posed by China. 

“We need to meet the growing challenges posed by China to keep peace and defend our interests in the Indo-Pacific and globally,” said Biden.

A duration of four months was given to the task force to produce evaluations and recommendations on the US military strategy towards China. This included technology, force structure and force posture, alliances, and bilateral defence relations with China.

Biden also said that the Pentagon review needs to be supported not only by the Congress, both political parties but also from the allies and other partnerships. While emphasising on the significance of such a strategy, he said, “That’s how we will meet the China challenge and ensure the American people win the competition in the future,”

The Biden administration has introduced this new change as it constructs its new agenda following a tumultuous time that the relations between the countries underwent under the former President Donald Trump. The diplomatic ties of the two countries have deteriorated to the lowest point ever.

The Biden administration has introduced the new move as it constructs its new agenda following a tumultuous time under former President Donald Trump, when US-China relations had gotten most strained since diplomatic ties were formed decades ago.

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