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Johnson to bloc an extension of the Brexit transition beyond 2020

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Amit Kumar
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The British ‘premier’ will by law prevent extending the Brexit transition period beyond December 2020, when the future relationship agreement with the EU is being negotiated

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will prevent by law extending beyond December 2020 the transition period of Brexit, which will enter into force from next January 31, the date of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, today they indicated official sources to the media.

The Government hopes to present this Friday in Parliament the so-called Draft Withdrawal Law (WAB), which must convert into law the agreement of the Brexit negotiated with the EU, which establishes the “divorce” of the European club next January 31, when the transition period will begin until the end of 2020. The United Kingdom and the EU must negotiate their future relationship in 2020 and reach a trade agreement, but Johnson is determined that these talks will not be extended and he will be forced to request an extension of that transition period.

Brussels has not hidden its skepticism about the possibility that a trade pact can be negotiated in just one year.

“Last week, the population voted for a government that would run Brexit and take the country forward, and that is exactly what we intend to do, starting this week,” an official source told the media. “Our electoral platform made it clear that we will not extend the period of implementation (transition) and that the WAB will prohibit by law that the Government accepts any extension,” he added.

A ‘hard’ Brexit in 2020

Brexit Labor spokesman Keir Starmer said today that this measure is “dangerous and irresponsible” and accused Johnson of jeopardizing jobs in the country, as the United Kingdom would be outside the EU without a trade agreement with the EU if negotiations do not prosper in the transition period.

The Johnson Conservative Party won 365 seats in the elections last Thursday and managed to win in constituencies hitherto controlled by Labor, such as those in the northeast of England, while Labor obtained 203 deputies.

The Members of the new British Parliament begin to swear this afternoon allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II, Head of State, and the formal election (protocol act) of the new Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who replaced John Bercow last November.

This Thursday, the British sovereign will be in charge of the formal opening of the Parliament and on Friday the Government will begin to process the WAB before the Christmas break.

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