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Migration crisis: Biden’s weak point?

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Kamal Saini
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The President of the United States is faced with the first serious test inside the country – an influx of illegal migrants from Latin America.

The US is facing a growing crisis on its southern border. More and more migrants are trying to enter the country from Mexico. The influx of illegal immigrants from Latin America threatens to become a record over the past two decades. This is also due to the coming to power of Joe Biden, who was expected to soften the migration policy.

A poll among American citizens showed dissatisfaction with Biden’s actions. More than half believe that the situation with migrants on the US-Mexico border is a crisis.

Trump felt Biden’s weak point

The migration crisis is one of the main news in the U.S. now. According to the US Border Service, in February alone, more than 100,000 people tried to cross the Mexican-American border. This is 30 percent more than in January and three times more than in February last year.

The reason was the revision of the package of measures adopted by the previous administration of the White House to combat illegal immigration.

Thus, US President Joe Biden refused to build a wall on the border with Mexico using funds from other programs, and also lifted the ban on illegal families from reuniting on American territory.

The latest decision has provoked an influx of migrant children who come to find relatives. According to the sources, the number of illegal children has tripled in recent weeks.

According to experts, Biden’s decision created the impression among migrants that the borders were already open for them, which led to a large influx of refugees to the States.

On March 28, during a working trip to Delaware, the US President reacted to the plans of his predecessor, Donald Trump, to visit the border with Mexico due to the influx of migrants.

“We’re developing a plan that I’m very confident in, and I don’t care what the other guy does,” Biden said when asked by reporters if he thought Trump’s intention was productive.

The former White House chief said earlier on Fox News that “a lot of people,” including the US immigration police and US Border Patrol, are awaiting his visit to the Mexican border.

“They want to see me there, they asked me to come. They are great people, they do a great job, which is now impossible. These people need a leader,” Trump said.

He criticized Biden’s decision to overturn the policy that asylum seekers in the United States must remain in Mexico while an application is being considered.

According to him, a terrible situation is taking place at the border. Trump gave an apocalyptic forecast for America for the future, if the construction of the wall is not completed.

“A huge number of people and children literally live on top of each other in the mud. No one has seen anything worse, nothing like that. Thousands and thousands of people are arriving now, and millions of people will arrive – this will destroy our country,” the former US president announced.

Trump talks about specialized centers on the border, which, due to the influx of young refugees, do not have time to receive and register new arrivals within the prescribed 72 hours and keep them in crowded conditions for several days. Human rights activists say children have to sleep on the floor due to a lack of mattresses.

Developing the theme of protecting America from migrants, the ex-president of the United States, apparently, found a weak spot in Biden’s policy.

On March 28, ABC News TV channel published the results of a survey, which was conducted jointly with the sociological company Ipsos.

According to the data presented, the actions of the American politician in these areas cause discontent among 57 percent of the Americans surveyed. At the same time, according to 54 percent, the situation with migrants on the US-Mexican border is a crisis.

In turn, 42 percent of respondents believe that it is too early to talk about the crisis, and only four percent said that there is no serious problem in this matter.

Biden does not deny the seriousness of the problem, but associates it with seasonality. According to him, in winter there is less chance of “dying from the heat in the desert.”

And the cause of the crisis was the loss of control at the border, which occurred during the Trump administration.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcas recalled that the previous administration partially abolished the infrastructure for the temporary accommodation of migrants.

On March 24, Bloomberg reported that US Vice President Kamala Harris will negotiate with Mexico and other countries on illegal migration. 

Harris’ experience as California attorney general was an important factor in choosing Harris, according to a Biden administration official who wished to remain anonymous.

In the coming weeks, Harris will meet with the leaders of Mexico, as well as the “Northern Triangle” – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – the least prosperous Latin American countries, from which most migrants arrive in the United States.

The Vice President should help develop a strategy to stem the flow of migrants and address the “root causes” of the crisis — job shortages, poverty, climate change and corruption in Central America.

On March 29, the White House called this information confusing. As clarified by the press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki, the task of Harris is solely to address the “root causes” of the crisis.

Eliminating these reasons will convince more potential displaced persons to stay at home, the new White House administration said.

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